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About Us

Where the world works differently.

Welcome to isubTECH, the B2B marketplace for electronic product design, manufacture, and test.

Why we exist

We love efficiency.

We believe that technology at its best makes life easier and better.

We are committed to creating maximum value for our community.

Those are our values and they guide everything we do.

What is isubTECH?

isubTECH is where serious electronic industry players find complete solutions to optimize their time and maximize their profit. We are  transforming the B2B electronics community by presenting more choice, better pricing and greater efficiency.

Why isubTECH?

Simply put, the Internet revolutionized everything.

It changed the way we conduct research, find data sheets, communicate, share documentation and buy components. For some reason, it did not permeate all the way down to how we shop and contract for services related to the design and manufacturing of electronic products, until now that is.

Enter A one-of-a-kind marketplace built from the ground up for the professional electronic product designers, manufactures, and testers to bring the efficiencies and advantages of the Internet directly to you.

How does isubTECH work? automates the task of creating and sending RFQs, by smartly matching your project requirements to many pre-qualified provider members. Of course you can still invite your existing vendors, but at the same time you open yourself to others, which may be better, cheaper and available at the exact time you need your project done.

Each provider has a built “reputation” score, created by feedback provided by other customers that used them. So, in addition to other due diligence tools available on the platform, one gets the confidence in that provider.

You may never know the motivation of a vendor at a specific time to provide a better price or higher quality. Perhaps they have a slow week or recently completed a large project or have just expanded their capacity. But in reality the reason is not important. What matters is that you will get a better quality product for less money, and no extra time spent on your part.

See How isubTECH Works

isubTECH for Vendors.

You know how to make a lot of things, and you probably can take most of the projects out there. But what you really “like” to do is a smaller subset of your capabilities. Maybe you like more the prototype/ small batch job because that’s what generates you the most profit, or maybe you are setup to run larger batches while prototypes are really time consuming. The point is, isubTECH will analyze your preferences, or as we call them your “sweet spots”, and send you only RFQs that meet your best criteria. As an isubTECH empowered vendor you always have access to all projects available on isubTECH. You may choose to bid on any, just to get more business, your choice.

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The isubTECH promise....

isubTECH will always be the marketplace where serious electronic industry players find complete solutions to optimize their time and maximize their profit. Indeed the keyword is “serious.”

There are various online portals where you are asked to design and build a flight computer on a $250 budget… Clearly not serious.

isubTECH changes all that.

isubTECH is a marketplace for the serious players in the market.

isubTECH does not predefine a “budget” for a project.

isubTECH vendors set their bid price on the project based on reality.

Since the platform is localized geographically, vendors compete only with other vendors from the same continent, representing real prices.

Join the premier industry marketplace for electronic product designers, manufactures, and testers.

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